i’ve been dying least ofall living

a new chick with a guard dog enters and leads the man away. zipper stays open.

to clarify, i don’t own a pistol. but if i did, in one second the barrel would be hot and quickly after that i’d have no face.

deep-field gardener, disenthralled earthworm

I am imprisoned in an unlocked jail cell. And, with a smile, he threw himself over the railings.

'you said to stay, and i did. the queue is advancing, and how am i supposed to pay for a trolleyful of food? you said you'd be back. what can i say to the Safeway's cashier when it's your turn to pay? my skirt doesn't even have a pocket and i don't have any comprehension of more than £5 in £1 coins. was this fitful really worth our place in line? this food isn't mine to bear.' i'm only 7 years old


throwing away that which is ineffectual. throw me out with the bath water

i eat rosemary and look unhappy